Tackling a mobile time clock was an exciting opportunity to see how far I could carry over the familiar experience of  "punching in" and also utitlize additional technologies that come with mobile phones, ie. geo-locating.
The application provides an easy way for the emplyee to punch in and punch out and also provide a number of other extras that allow for comments, geo location so the supervisor can confirm that the employee is at the job site and push notifications for when they are approaching overtime as well as when their "lunch hour" is just about over or when they leave the job site and forget to punch out.
Supervisors are provided with a clean interface along with a quick view of critical information that makes it possible to quickly approve or decline timesheets. They are also able to dive deeper into individual employees timesheets for more detailed information.
In addition to the time clock I was also asked to provide a calendar for the employee to see their time off and make requests for additional time.
Again the supervisor is provided with a clean and quick overview of critical information to approve or decline time off requests.
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